Interstate Municipal Gas Agency

We're your partner for success!

Case Studies

Why is the man at left smiling?  Because partnering with the IMGA is helping his community save money!

When we say that the IMGA is your partner for success, it's not just an idle slogan.  Time and time again, the IMGA has succeeded in helping member communities save money.  Check out the following examples:

Findlay, Illinois:  Better Risk Management; Smarter, Cheaper Transportation

Recently, the Findlay Village Board learned the value of IMGA membership.  Some natural gas providers won't provide the full range of risk management options, offering instead just fixed-price agreements.  By executing 50% participating swaps through IMGA, the Village was able to save $34,470 (62.7 cents per MMBtu) during the winter of 2005-2006.  And while all gas supply firms purchase gas to minimize transport costs, IMGA was able to go one better, securing an additional discount on transport costs which saved Findlay $16,000 (30 cents per MMBtu) annually.  Total Annual Saving:  $50,470.

Corning Ranked Among Iowa's Lowest-Priced Natural Gas Utilities

Each year, the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities surveys municipal gas systems in that state in a comparative price study.  And each year, IMGA purchasing member Corning Iowa is among the five lowest-cost municipal gas systems in the state.  Now, we can't claim all the credit.  Utility Manager Bob Cline and his staff do a great job.  But we like to think that the low natural gas prices provided by the IMGA help make that job a little easier!

IMGA Members Save During Record High Prices

In December, 2005, natural gas prices hit all-time record highs of more than $15 a dekatherm on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).  What did IMGA member communities pay for their gas during this record-breaking time?  Community pricing depends to a great extent on the risk management plan in place, but here are some samples of what IMGA member communities paid in December:

        Waverly, Illinois                $7.89

        Thebes, Illinois                 $8.49 

        Karnak, Illinois                 $9.21

        Pleasant Hill, Illinois         $9.45

There's no doubt about it, IMGA membership pays!